GB3VR Amateur Television Repeater

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This repeater is located on the Race Hill, Brighton, East Sussex, England at locater IO90WT which is Lat. 50 Deg 49.5 Min North Long 0 Deg 0.07 Min West.

The repeater is run by the Worthing and District Video Repeater Group (WDVRG), who are affiliated to both the BATC and the RSGB.

A picture of the inside of the site A picture of the site
Martin G8KOE - Rack for GB3VR - Rob G4RRU
For some further further views of the equipment and site click here.

The repeater transmits on 1316.5 MHz and receives signals on 1249 MHz, and shortly it will also have an input on the 3cms band.
The receiver uses a Wood & Douglas (W&D) 1250DC50 down convertor followed by a W&D Video I.F. unit.
The receive aerials can be either a pair of 15/15 ele slot fed Jay beams pointing West or an Alford slot aerial for those transmitting from within the Brighton area.
The transmitter is a "Worthing" transmitter which is a Phase Locked oscillator running on 1316.5MHz followed by three buffer stages driving an external 15Watt P.A. The aerials on transmit consist of a pair of stacked 15/15ele slot fed Jay beams pointing West along the South Coast from Brighton.

Control of the repeater is via an Amiga computer, and the use of DTMF tones, which allow control of the repeater itself and also of the other equipment on site which includes:
A 70cms Talkback receiver on 432.750MHz allowing the talkback channel to be relayed on the sound carrier of the main repeater.
The onsite camera.
The Weather station and its history files.
The Alford aerial on the receiver.
Access to the "logic" of the program allowing the repeater to be remotely managed.

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